About Roy Zaltsman

Roy Zaltsman is an Internationally acclaimed Mentalist, Producer, Info-Tainer & KeyNote Speaker. Within his skill-set is the remarkable ability to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. Many testimonials from satisfied Clients attest to this ability. Every show is unique and custom-tailored to the needs of each Client’s requirements.

Utilizing his natural charm and wit he understands how to captivate any audience and is well-acquainted with the high standards demanded by Corporate Clients & Event Planners.

He is greatly admired within the International Mentalists Community and often lectures to fellow performers who are keen to learn new ideas and performing Techniques. His lectures have taken him to several countries & US states. Hailed as a modern day Mind Reader, he astonishes and astounds audiences with his easy going flair. With over two decades of empirical experience he has, quite literally, contributed to the success of some two thousand corporate parties and commercial events. Often described as a perfectionist, his attention to detail is flawless.

For almost 25 years, he has entertained Corporate audiences in both English and Hebrew across 16 countries and several US States including Las Vegas, Nevada. At Conventions there he has perplexed fellow Mentalists with his Mind Reading.

His in-depth understanding of psychology, body language and memory enhancement techniques coupled with his unique personality and entertainment skills make him an ideal choice as a Keynote Speaker, Emcee and Trainer. Highly tuned feats of mind-reading plus his performing abilities also make him an excellent choice for any corporate or similar event. With a mix of light hearted jokes, keen wit and inspiring quotes, he succeeds in info- taining his audience.

Roy Zaltsman also trains Top Executives, Senior Management and Sales Personnel in techniques that can be used to improve performance in Corporate affairs. His vast experience qualifies him to create a customized program which can be tailored to suit individual company needs and requirements.

Among Roy Zaltsman services:


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Convention Host / Emcee

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Mind Reading shows

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